6701 Weaversville Road
Northampton, Pa 18067


FRCA The First Regional Compost Authority accepts commercial businesses and Contractors to drop off brush, wood, wood chips, leaves, and grass clippings (certain rules apply), sod and Top Soil at the Central Processing Center.

The FRCA invites your business to be part of this recycling effort by simply filling out a credit application prior to access to the drop off center. This application, our rate schedule, and any other information can be found below, obtained by stopping by our facility, or calling us at 610-262-1000 during our business hours.

Grass Clippings - Rules and Regulations

  • DEP permit allows the First Regional Compost Authority to accept grass and/or use it at the site.
  • FRCA will NOT accept any grass from any vehicle other than in our rate schedule without approval and/or special pricing.
  • FRCA will charge COMMERCIAL accounts based on the "grass clippings" rate schedule and only if the commercial account is registered with the Authority. The commercial account will be billed on a monthly basis utilizing the same procedure as commercial brush accounts.
  • There will be no grass clippings dropped off at any of the Township/Borough sites by any commercial accounts. NO grass clippings will be transported by the Authority containers from the Township/Borough sites without approval from the Director of Operations.
  • All grass clippings need to be dropped off free of any type of bag or container. All bags and containers need to be removed from the site by the person(s) dropping off.
  • Limitations of the quantity of grass delivered to the site may be imposed at any time & without notice at the site attendant's discretion regarding concerns of the legitimacy of the source or contamination of the delivered material.
  • FRCA reserves the right to refuse any grass clipping drop off based on the condition of the clippings, the inability to transport the clippings, or the Processing Center is at capacity.
  • Any large loads of yard waste, larger pieces of wood/stumps ETC. or items being dropped off that are NOT listed in our Rate Schedule need to be evaluated by the Operations Manager and an additional fee may be applied.